Invadazoid - Official Strategy Guide - Hints, Tips, and Cheats

 Genral Strategy:
  • For Invasion / Classic modes - destroy the invaders column by column, instead of row by row, working your way from the outside columns to the center columns. The reason for this is that the invaders only descend when they hit the walls and if you can prevent them from hitting the walls you will delay their descent.

  • For Survival mode - make sure you aim for the bottom-most invaders first, because it will be hard to get them later when they are almost on the ground.

  • Spin! - Move the paddle quickly into the ball at the last second and you can put some spin (english) on the ball, making it possible to curve the ball in either direction and get it on top of the invading pack more easily. This can also be used as a sneak attack against Bosses and for some fancy trick shots!

  • For Invasion mode - Hit the UFO with the ball as early as possible. This will give you a Plasma Cannon powerup that you can easily clear the rest of the level with.

 Powerup Combos:

  • Invinci-ball and Explosive ball - the unstopable combo - this combo will eat up a level in no time! Add in a Multi-Ball and you will revel in the wake of mass alien destruction.

  • Magnet-ball and Invinciball - Just fire the ball straight up and destroy column after column of invaders like butter! and while you have this combo, keep getting the Fast Ball powerups to speed up your column killer.

  • Magnet-ball and Missle Deflector - If there are too many missles flying just let the ball stick to you and use the Missle Deflector as your main weapon... firing back every missle that falls!

  • Magnet-ball and Multi-ball - Let 1 or 2 balls stick to your paddle right before the Magnet-ball powerup runs out (while there is still one ball in the air). This means you have an "extra ball" (or two) incase you drop the one that's still in the air.

  • If multiple powerups are falling, try to get the ones with the highest timers last... This would be the Magnet Ball, the Missle Deflector, and the Plasma Cannon.
 Cheat Codes:

  • Shooter Mode - hold down the keys C-O-W all at the same time while in Invasion / Survival / Boss modes and you create a new mode called: Shooter Mode. The ball disappears and you play the entire game with a plasma cannon!... and you thought Invadazoid only had 4 modes!! The fun never stops!

  • Sharon Mode - hold down the keys S-L-M all at the same time while in any mode and this will give you an infinite missile deflector, plasma cannon and 99 lives!

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